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Skip to contentDepartment of AnthropologyMenu Close Search Undergraduate ProgramGraduate ProgramArchaeologyBiological AnthropologySociocultural AnthropologyStudent ResourcesOur PeopleFaculty BookshelfResearchLet your curiosity lead the way:Apply TodayHomeCoursesUpcoming EventsRecent NewsContact Us Arts & Sciences Graduate Studies in A&SWhy do we blame the victim?3.8.24Archaeology, Faculty, ResearchEarliest evidence for domestic yak found using both archaeology, ancient DNA12.13.23AlumniPresidential Curation12.8.23Biological Anthropology, Faculty, Awards & NotablesSanz awarded Saint Louis Zoo Conservation Award11.15.23Scientists unearth earliest human burial in Kazakhstan11.13.23UndergraduateTelling a tale of two cities11.13.23Graduate, Sociocultural AnthropologyWoman the Hunter: WashU alums collaborate to challenge gender stereotypes of early humans11.3.23Biological AnthropologyWashU team to study virus transmission, human-wildlife interaction10.24.23Faculty, Sociocultural AnthropologyPhoto essay: Researching retirement in the Himalayas10.23.23UndergraduateHow I Chose My Major9.29.23Wiseman-Jones awarded Leakey Foundation grant8.24.23FacultyParasites, bacteria infecting high rates of Cahokia Heights residents, study finds8.9.23Departmental News, Faculty, Sociocultural Anthropology, ResearchA Traumatized Woman with Multiple Personalities Gets Better as Her ‘Parts’ Work as a Team5.16.23Faculty, Awards & NotablesFaculty named to American Academy of Arts & Sciences4.21.23Biological AnthropologyQuinn awarded grant to compare neurotropic markers in human and primate milk3.22.23ArchaeologyReimagining power relations: non-hierarchical social complexity at Poverty PointThrough their research at a 3,000-year-old monumental site built by indigenous peoples, anthropology graduate students Seth Grooms and Grace Ward have found an important example of complex cultural achievement occurring in the absence of coercive labor.1.19.23Search all news Search CategoriesArchaeologyBiological AnthropologyDepartmental NewsFacultyGraduateMedicine and Society ProgramSociocultural AnthropologyUndergraduateAwards & NotablesResearchAlumniBack Results for: Sociocultural Anthropology11.3.23Woman the Hunter: WashU alums collaborate to challenge gender stereotypes of early humans10.23.23Photo essay: Researching retirement in the Himalayas5.16.23A Traumatized Woman with Multiple Personalities Gets Better as Her ‘Parts’ Work as a Team11.17.22WashU Expert: West must grasp Putin’s worldview to avoid further surprise5.4.22Gustafson receives Bryce Wood Book Award3.1.22Big data arrives on the farm2.25.22WashU Expert: Putin is using ‘victim’ narrative to justify Ukraine attack10.27.21Stone receives grant to study perceptions of CRISPR in food production7.13.21What Does Europe Have Against Halal?6.4.21Lois Beck Quoted in June 2021 Issue of Smithsonian Magazine5.3.21Class Acts: The Researchers3.30.21WashU Expert: How to cope with pandemic anniversary emotions2.22.21New Postdocs and Academic Positions in Sociocultural Anthropology2.1.21Rebecca Lester mentioned in an article about the Rites of Passage in the New York Times10.22.20Bolivia in the Age of Gas By Bret Gustafson10.16.20Parikh co-edits collection documenting Ferguson uprising, afterlives9.17.20Chelsey Carter and Allison Mickel: Statues memorialize everything in a person's history, including torture8.21.20Lester’s book on eating disorders wins Victor Turner Prize8.21.20Natalia Guzmán Solano Wins ACLS Emerging Voices Fellowship7.28.20Pandemic Fear Grips Nepal's Remote Villages7.27.20A Nepalese Region Reclaims Its Holy Water5.6.20Students tackle anthropology of COVID-193.16.20Long-term analysis shows GM cotton no match for insects in India2.12.20No clear path for Golden Rice to reach consumers2.7.20The Life and Legacy of a Himalayan Buddhist Master: Pema Döndrub (1668 –1744)1.21.20Now Streaming: Professor Geoff Childs, Anthropological Demography in Nepal12.5.19New book examines eating disorders, failure to care for those impacted11.20.19Famished: Eating Disorders and Failed Care in America11.18.19WashU Expert: Political chaos in Bolivia is a ‘coup’11.18.19Now Streaming: Associate Professor Bret Gustafson10.16.19Agriculture and Food Studies Career Resource Guide Now Available10.7.19Agri-Food Research5.30.19Can Human Beings Understand the Economy?5.13.19Chelsey Carter, an anthropology doctoral candidate in Arts & Sciences, inducted into the Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society4.17.19Anthropology’s Alyanak named Volkswagen postdoctoral fellow3.14.19Coal ash in the Missouri River flood plain is a bad idea 1.2.19Young, hip farmers: Coming to a city near you11.12.18From a Trickle to a Torrent: Education, Migration, and Social Change in a Himalayan Valley of Nepal8.31.18Wash U linguist analyzes American dialects, discrimination8.9.18Alumni Spotlight: Melinda Kramer 7.20.18Islam, Immigration, and What It Means to Be French4.20.18John Bowen elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences4.16.18Heather O'Leary engages students in Dimensions of Waste course4.6.18Now Streaming: Professor Rebecca Lester, Eating Disorder Treatment in America3.27.18Chelsey Carter and Savannah Martin present on "Legitimizing a Less Exceptional Life in Global Public"3.23.18NSF Fellowship encourages graduate students to go beyond research3.22.18Engaging Science for Inclusive Water Governance2.23.18Lewis Wall's new book "Tears for My Sisters" will donate all book royalties2.23.18Bret Gustafson talks with NACLA on Fossil Fuel Imperialism2.19.18Now Streaming: Professor John Bowen2.15.18National Science Foundation Grant Awarded to Anthropology's Brad Jones2.6.18Graduate Student Highlight: Oguz Alyanak1.30.18Colleen Walsh Lang receives award through the Society for Applied Anthropology1.23.18New book chapter by Anthropology Graduate Students1.4.18Collectively Remembering and Living an Emerging Nigerian National Identity1.4.18Marriage at the Margins: Come-We-Stay Relationships in Kibera, Kenya1.4.18Finding Peace1.3.18For One Drop of Blood: Virginity, sexual norms and medical processes in hymenoplasty consultations in the Netherlands12.21.17Now Streaming: Professor Geoff Childs12.14.17Now Streaming: Professor Glenn Stone, Genetically Modified Foods12.12.17Water management in pastoralist context12.12.17Future of Food Studies Graduate Conference: A Review12.12.17Kinship and Religious Identities in Medieval Central Asia (8th-13th c. CE): Tracing Communities of Mortuary Practice and Biological Affinity.12.5.17Rebecca Lester awarded 2017 Stirling Prize12.4.17The Construction and Chronologies of Middle Woodland-era Earthen Enclosures in the Middle Ohio Valley: A Perspective from the Central Kentucky Landscape11.30.17Cosa C'è Dietro (what’s behind): An ethnographic study of moral markets and religious labor in Milan, Italy11.30.17Cultivating Skill, Growing Knowledge: A Comparative Study of Skilling Institutions in U.S. Alternative Agriculture11.30.17Milking the Digital Herd: The Impact of Robotics and Big Data on America's Dairy Heartland 11.30.17Industrial Wilderness: Contested Understandings of Nature and the Post-Coal Future in Appalachia11.27.17Divided City/Divided Selves: Negotiating Schizophrenia under Healthcare Reform in East and West Berlin11.21.17The Perils of Resistance: Antibiotic Stewards and Biosecuritization in North American Hospitals 11.21.17Relations of Reproduction: Investigating Men, Masculinity, and Pregnancy in Dakar, Senegal11.1.17What's in a kiss?10.31.17Origins of Sinister Rumors10.30.17theSource Interview with Professor Glenn Stone on GMO Research10.24.17Funding News for Dissertation Research10.18.17Behind the Headlines: Why does St. Louis still lead the country in STDs?9.29.17Voices of Experience: Dr. Rebecca Lester9.29.17Hold That Thought – Creators and Copycats: The Business of Fashion in Guatemala9.12.17Geoff Childs receives David Hadas Teaching Award9.12.17Department of Anthropology Job Posting8.21.17Fear of the Ordinary: Muslim Turks Negotiate Men’s Moral Worth in the Franco-German Borderland6.20.17Targeted excavating leads to lost city4.20.17After the Ph.D.: Adrienne Strong4.19.17After the Ph.D.: Elyse Singer3.20.17Archaeological Fantasies and Hoaxes Or, The Nobility of Skepticism2.6.17O'Leary selected for Rabel J. Burdge and Donald R. Field Outstanding Article Award2.1.17Oguz Alyanak selected as op-ed columnists for Anthropology News12.2.16Lois Beck's book chosen as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine12.2.16What’s That You’re Reading? A Five-Question Interview12.2.16Shanti Parikh honored with Emerson Teaching Award10.19.16The Dangers of Birth in Tanzania9.23.16Why We Still Fail Those with Eating Disorders9.20.16Regulating Style: Intellectual Property Law and the Business of Fashion in Guatemala9.9.16Conversations on Climate Transformations8.25.16Conceptualizing Anthropology8.25.16Islam in the West8.23.16Adrienne Strong and her path to maternal health research 8.19.16France’s ‘Burkini’ Bans Are About More Than Religion or Clothing7.25.16Oguz Alyanak: Working at a Döner Kebab Shop7.19.16Why is France the target of so many terrorist atrocities?7.6.16Elyse Singer Receives Prestigious AAUW Award 6.14.16Ramadan Diaries6.6.16Genetically modified Golden Rice falls short on lifesaving promises5.5.16Spaces of Waiting: The work of a medical anthropologist offers a window into the world of Nigerien women who live with obstetric fistula5.5.16Priscilla Song voted "Most Engaging Professor"5.3.16St. Louis non-profit helps Ethiopian women shed menstruation shame5.3.16Geoff Childs and Collaborative Ethnography in Nepal5.2.16Simple Syrup: A Food and Culture Journal4.29.16Colleen Walsh Lang awarded to continue HIV research4.29.16Graduate Students, Global Researchers4.22.16A World with Small Cereals4.21.16Kosi Onyeneho and Natalia Guzman Solano selected as Digital Editorial Fellows for PoLaR 4.19.16Lewis Wall and Dignity Period are changing the lives of Ethiopian girls4.19.16John Bowen selected as Andrew Carnegie Fellow4.6.16Glenn Stone awarded Guggenheim Fellowship3.30.16Andrew Flachs describes his research in recent National Geographic article3.25.16Recent alumnus and Medicine & Society Program participant, Scott Rempel, matched to rural medicine program3.22.16On British Islam: Religion, Law, and Everyday Practice in Shariʿa Councils3.16.16After the Ph.D.: Robert Spengler3.16.16After the Ph.D.: Paula Doumani Dupuy3.16.16After the Ph.D.: Andrew Flachs3.15.16After the Ph.D.: Alison Heller3.7.16John Bowen receives Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award3.4.16Regulating Romance: Using Love Letters to Shine Light on Health Policy in Uganda2.26.16"I Thought You Were All Extinct?"2.15.16"Golden Rice" with Glenn Stone2.10.16"Don't go back" blog by Aaron Hames1.6.16 Allison Rawlings Named Senior VP, Corporate Communications of NBC12.30.15Graduate Students Awarded Wenner Gren Grants11.12.15Social Landscapes in a Global View students take on the story of McMillan Hall10.14.15Science and Morality: Interventions into Teen Parenting in the United States10.12.15Friendship, Love, and Hip Hop: An Ethnography of African American Men in Psychiatric Custody9.22.15Sai Hankuri9.16.20Natural Gas in the New Bolivia8.24.15Searching for Sustainable Clothing in India12.9.14Vulnerable Agents: Ugandan Children’s Experiences with HIV Rehabilitation and Reintegration9.29.14Bureaucracy, Life, and Death on the Maternity Ward of a Tanzanian Hospital 9.18.14Adrienne Strong Receives Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Funding5.2.14Video: GlobeMed in Uganda9.16.13Kedron Thomas9.10.13Cultivating Knowledge: Skilling and Constraint on Organic Farms in Andhra Pradesh, India5.10.13Love, Risk, and HIV4.1.13Labor Conflicts and the Latin American Energy Sector5.25.12Meghan Ference Awarded a Center for the Humanities Graduate Student Fellowship5.17.12Stoner Elected President of the American Sexually Transmitted Disease Association4.12.12Bowen Receives Guggenheim Fellowship3.8.12Kendzior on Digital Age Activism1.26.12Anna Jacobsen on Anthroworks' Top 40 List of Dissertations1.25.12Stone on Biopiracy12.15.11Technology Treadmill a Critical Problem for Indian Farmers5.15.11Graduate Students Receive $15,000 PEO Awards12.12.09Ugandan Potter7.30.09Language revitalization in Wales7.30.09Schooling in Post-Soviet Society5.15.09The Mayan 2012 Debate (Freidel)Quick LinksResourcesEventsOur PeopleContactAdditional information Arts & Sciences Graduate Studies in A&SCopyright 2024 by:Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. LouisFollow Us Instagram Facebook Twitter Contact Us: Department of Anthropology [email protected] Visit the main Washington University in St. Louis website1 Brookings Drive / St. Louis, MO 63130 /

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